So this is it, my first published AAA game. It's getting some decent reviews (see here, here, and here). It turned out to be a nice looking game with some interesting dinosaur dynamics.

I can't claim any credits for what happened in-game though. I worked with Propaganda Games for 6 months. During that time I setup their build pipeline and asset generation tools. I also helped develop some tools to track the Visual Studio project efficiency and to analyse memory usage.

For the build pipeline I used Nant as the build tool and Cruisecontrol as the auto builder/report system. Nant is quite interesting in that it's basically programming in xml. You have conditionals and loops and can do quite a bit. If your ever out of luck with a command just launch a command line. I did end up having to add a couple commands to Nant and it was really quite easy. It has lots of built in functionality to work with perforce so if there were any errors in the build I would automatically notify all the people that checked in anything since the last successful build.

I also had the chance to work with Perforce and C# a lot on the project. I've basically determined that perforce is by far the best source control system available. Since it's developed from the ground up as a command line tool, automating anything in perforce is really easy. Using anything other than C# to develop tools is basically shooting yourself in the foot. It is so easy to get tools up and running with lots of helpful functionality in C#. Customizing controls is very straightforward and basically anything you want to do you can without much fuss. There is also a large support base for C# like Code Project and Openwinforms, although a quick google search can find a lot more.