I managed to sneak on the reboot of PoP right at the end of development. I mainly spent a couple months helping to debug the PC version for release. Not a huge lot of impressive work to do but it did help me secure a position on the PoP: Forgotten Sands team. Metacritic: 85.

Not really too much I can say about the development. I was mainly there for debugging support, fixing crashes, making sure certain 'TRC's work on pc (alt+tab, input reconnection, etc). I had my first experience with Anvil, which is Ubisofts huge internal engine, which is interesting.

As for the game, I was surprised how much I enjoyed playing it while trying to reproduce bugs. I love the style and setting. I love the control and combat. My only complaint would be that it should have just been an original game instead of a Prince of Persia. I was also nice to finally have my first AAA title under my belt.