This was actually a fun project to work on. We were a small team working on a prototype engine that had some really cool tech for the Kinect. It didn't fare so well on Game Rankings but it was still a fun game.

I don't really have a whole lot to say about the project. Most of my time was in the usual position of engine wrangler. I was set to fix the same problems that I fixed on the last 3 engines I worked on: Memory management, streaming, tcrs, etc. It was quite fun having to use Kinect each time I had to run the game.

The one new thing I got to work a lot on was DLC. The game was set to ship with a few extra downloadable songs with more on the horizon. It was an 'interesting' experience working through Microsoft's DLC testing system. Lots of days spent uploading builds, changing DLC settings, testing for different SKUs.