This is the latest school project I have worked on. There were 6 programmers, 4 artists, 6 designers and 2 audio engineers involved in the creation of this demo. The bulk of the programming work was accomplished over 3 months, between June and September 2003. Since then there have been minor updates to the code although there has been major change in the art and level design. During the September to December Semester the whole look of the game was changed and a new level was made.
My contributions to project were designing developing and debugging the following:

    Base utility library which includes the following classes:
  • 3D Math (vector, matrix, quaternion, etc)
  • Containers (List, Hash tree, Array)
  • String manipulation
  • Timer
  • Profiler

    Independent Collision System which supports:
  • AABB, Sphere and Plane collisions
  • Sphere to OBB and Sphere to Triangle Collisions
  • Ray Casting using moving spheres
  • Static Mesh collision
  • Octree spatial partitioning
  • Support for dynamic data in the collision objects