Normally I only write articles about my work on a project after it's shipped. The Division is by far the longest I've ever worked on a single project and I thought it would be good to publish something. This is the project I'm most proud to be on. It's by far the best engine I've ever worked with, and it's a position where my work is actually visible to the players. So here's just a taste of some of the work that I've helped to make possible.

During production I produced some internal training videos and got to be part of the engine reveal video.

It's a me


This was actually a fun project to work on. We were a small team working on a prototype engine that had some really cool tech for the Kinect. It didn't fare so well on Game Rankings but it was still a fun game.

I worked on the 2010 Pop for most of its development. I really got into working with Ubisoft's primary Engine and made a lot of improvements and fixes. Overall I was really happy with the game. If nothing else it had very solid gameplay. It didn't fare so well on Game Rankings (76) but most of the complaints seemed to be about the story and setting.

I managed to sneak on the reboot of PoP right at the end of development. I mainly spent a couple months helping to debug the PC version for release. Not a huge lot of impressive work to do but it did help me secure a position on the PoP: Forgotten Sands team. Metacritic: 85.

Shaun White was a fun project to work on.  It got good reviews on Metacritic (78) and great user ratings (90).

Lost is the first game that I worked on at Ubisoft. It was a really fun project, the game was very well done and quite true to the Lost Canon. I was interesting working on an older engine but we were still able to produce a high quality product. While it didn't get a huge Metacritic score (54) I'm happy that users enjoyed it and rated it well (80).

I'm a bit surprised that I never wrote anything about Rifts before. This was a game that I worked on a few years ago for the Nokia N-Gage. Unfortunately the game never had a major release, it was finished right around the time that Nokia realized that the N-Gage wasn't as popular as they had hoped. Well we did at least get some reviews (see here, here, and here) with an average Gameranking score of 74%.

So this is it, my first published AAA game. It's getting some decent reviews (see here, here, and here). It turned out to be a nice looking game with some interesting dinosaur dynamics.