I'm still around. I've been working really hard on my secret project and it's turning out nicely. I'll give a little info on it. It's an editor of sorts. Using .NET 2.0 and GDI+ is amazing. I've been able to create such a wonderfully interactive program in such a short time and it really gets your blood boiling to see great results so quickly.

Using C# in Visual Studio 2005 is also really great. For a most part I can program while I'm running. If I don't like how something turns out I just set a break point and modify the code and continue running. You can pretty much modify anything within a function. It won't work if you try to add functions to a class though. I'm not sure of the exact restrictions, but it is amazing none-the-less. The refactoring tools in 2005 are also really nice. You write a big algorithm and you want to move it into a function, just create a prototype before your algorithm, pass in the parameters like you normally would, right click and select 'Create Method Stub' and it creates it just below the current function with all the parameters properly typed and named. Then you just move the algorithm and you're done.

Finally DockPanel. This little library started as a CodeProject article and since moved into a source forge project. It's great and you can very quickly and easily create a setup very similar to Visual Studio 2005. It really makes your app feel professional in no time. Add to that the new Menu/Tool/Status Strip classes in .NET 2.0 and development is quick and easy.