Not much to say really. I'm finally getting around to updating my work history. I'm still with Ubisoft and unfortunately the last couple years I'm having such a good time working I haven't had to energy to do much on the side. So haven't really updated the games I've worked on lately, since coming to Ubisoft I've had the pleasure to work on Lost: Via Domus, Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip(Wii), Prince of Persia, and I'm now currently working on Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands. The great thing is that I've had the chance to work on all current gen platforms.
Just to let anyone know I'm currently in the process of (finally) fixing up my site. I had to move from Mambo to Joomla and some things ended up breaking, image galleries and code highlighting most importantly. I've reimplemented them and will be fixing up some of my old entries soon. I'll try to re-enable the comments as well.

Also I've re-published an article I wrote about test driven development using cxxtest. I'll try to finish another article I started a few years ago and never finished about compile time hashing.

And finally in news, Lost: Via Domus is gold! Hooray, my first big budget title that I've worked on. Ok I also worked on Turok but that was only for 6 months at near the start of the project.
More playing with flash lite. It's a bit annoying because it uses really old and limited code. It's like going back to C after creating a huge OO framework in C++. Also there's a bug with Atan in flashlite 1.1. The values X(1 to 0) Y(0 to 1) properly give you radian values from 0 to 1.57... but one you cross into -X area X(0 to -1) (1 to 0) the radian value returned immediately jumps to -1.57....

Download movie.

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I was taking a quick look at flash lite lately. I threw together a little tile 'engine'. With this you can specify arrays of tile indexes to fille the screen. It will dynamically create each screen from background and foreground tiles in your library. This test comes in at a whopping 4k. I think you could do quite a bit with it. Though I haven't tested it on a phone itself.

Download movie.

WARNING: May contain critical levels of programmer art.

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This is a picture I took on my last day in the Philippines. I only just realized how awesome is it. Click it for the full size one (3.8 megs). I'm hoping this will be a start of a trend of posting photos. We shall see! (don't get your hopes up).

PS. That bee is about 3x bigger than north american bees... huge

So I finally got spammed by porn and gambling comments. As such they will be disabled until I can find a better comment solution.
I am still alive here. I haven't been able to work much because of some real life issues. I still have lots of ideas in my head. Unfortunately, I still haven't developed my secret project enough to show yet. I've recently upgraded my site to Mambo 4.6 so there's going to be some buggy-ness for a while (thumbnail image strips are gone code highlighting is a bit busted. It will all get fixed in time.

For some reason I'm still looking into the compiler thing. It turns out that since I have the VCCLCompilerTool I was able to pretty easily convert that to a commandline to run. Though I did have to write a function a few hundred lines long to do it, all of them 'if this add option'. Very boring stuff. Then I had the next problem. Cl.exe was running, but failing, and there was no output, just some obscure error message.

So it is possible, but I don't feel like looking into it anymore. I proved my point, but I don't personally have any need for it at the moment. Though I'm sure there is a market for a cheak multi-processor compiler add-in for visual studio. If anyone reads this and makes one you should send me a site license :D

Well back to super ultra secret project X.