This site is currently under contruction.  The new site will contain a blog where I will post news, articles and other useful information (atleast I hope it will be useful).  It will be a fully featured blog so people will be able to leave comments and let me know their thoughts.
Additionally it will continue to have links to projects I have been on (work, school, etc) and my resume and all that jazz.

The good news is the framework is up and I've moved all the information from my old side to the new one. Now time to get some more content. In the next couple weeks I'll be posting a few articles:
  • The first will be about Test Driven Development (TDD), more specifically cxxtest and why it's awesome.
  • The second will mainly be a nice code snippet about compile-time string hashes.
  • Finally I've been doing a lot of data analysis about the lottery 649 which I've found quite interesting so I'll share my findings about that.

For now, welcome and I hope you'll find some interesting things here, if not now then in the future.

Testing Geshi syntax highlighter. It now works with a some simple < code >< /code > tags. better than override the < pre >< /pre > tags instead. It doesn't work in comments yet though which kinda sucks but it way out of the scope of what this website (which is supposed to be simple and to the point which Mambo accomplished perfectly.
Edit: Joomla 2.5 goes back to using < pre > tags using the xml:lang attribute to determing the language
// the next block was declared with the following code